P217 White Lilly

Okay, I see what you're doin'. 
In the previous picture I basically said "the less clothes the better, on this girl". 
So now, Mike's going to show me Mica can look mind-blowingly sexy 
covered neck to ankles. Well, it doesn't work my friend!

Oh sure, Mica is plenty sexy here....wet-my-freakin'-pants sexy! 
I'd happily drop a grand for a datenight with Mica dressed exactly like this. 
But, you cheated, Mike! Because Mica's not completely clothed!
Her flimsy white suit clearly reveals she's not wearing panties. 
So, I win!

That said, I will give Mike and Mica their props: Covered up head to toe, 
these two can still put together an image that's crazy sexy. 
You can't say THAT about many photographer/model couplings out there.

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