P225 Snag

I recognize the "Cheat Dress" here again. Not complaining, since 
I get a nice clear shot of Mica's mega-cute ruffled undies. 

Because of the tripod (doubtlessly nearby) I'm guessing Mica actually snagged her 
dress on a tripod, or some other piece of studio equipment and Mike (always alert for 
an idea) decided to reproduce the event. The result is a little posey for my tastes,
but who cares? When staging is this obvious, you accept it on it's own terms. 

The dress is a killer. The headband, oh so proper. Mica's body and expression are perfect, 
the arched back, the thrown-back shoulders, the raised eyebrows and open mouth,
the silly clutch purse, the pinky sticking out, all plainly planned, but all very sweet.

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