This is the ONLY place, worldwide, these photo prints are available for sale.


Well, well. It seems Mike's been shooting all kinds of models, including some beautiful women of color here. Below is a selection of some fresh young faces that have been hired for one-day shoots. Or, in some cases, just female acquintances popping in for a visit It's good news for us that Mike's full make-up box, voluminous clothing racks, and camera bag are ever at the ready.

We know a LOT of you out there are printing out "freebie" photos off these webpages. Fine, it's your right. But if ALL you do is wait for Mike to create new images for your home-made prints, your cheating yourself, and Mike too. These photos are high-rez images. that make stunning "archival" photo prints. You'll never know how great these pictures are. And what you print has zero value. And, if you never buy a print from the artist, the images you like well enough to print out yourself, it's a slap in the face to the very person whose works you enjoy. So, if you want to see MORE work from Mike, support him.jh

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