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Nico's full name is Nicoline, or she goes by her middle name, Madeleine (a delicious, French cookie : ^ ). But any way you slice it, she's heaven from abroad; a pure gift to Mike. Quite out of the blue she contacted him from Europe, after encountering his well-known pin-up work. She explained she was an artist also, who uses her own body in her artworks, and wondered if the two of them could work together. As it turns out, Mike was headed to France and decided to meet her in Paris, which they did. It was chemistry right off. Nico is a remarkable artist in her own right, has sparkling personality, and a beautiful dancer's body from decades of ballet. She has remarkable stamina and grace. But what MOST impressed Mike was her work ethic, so rare among beautiful girls. "She will do whatever it takes to get the job done."

Well, if getting the job done means appearing uber-sexy, mission accomplished. Nico's a ten!

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